DHL Surcharge Portfolio

DHL Surcharge Portfolio 



*Fuel Surcharge and GST (18%)  will be charged, as applicable

*Clearance Charge of  2200 + GST will be applicable for all Formal clearance shipments

*Remote Area Fee of ₹36 per kg with a minimum of 2100 + Fuel Surcharge + GST  will be charged for all remote area locations

*Address correction charges of ₹800 + GST  will be levied when the delivery address is found to be incorrect and DHL initiates an

 additional process to locate the correc address to complete the delivery

*Duties and Taxes Paid (DTP) surcharge of ₹ 2350 +fuel+ GST  will be charged

*Non Standard Shipment Surcharge of Rs.15000 + Fuel + GST per shipment is applicable, if single piece weighs >70 kg or piece dimension >120 cms

*Over Handling Surcharge of 7250+Fuel+GST  is applicable for shipments which are non stackable in nature due to its packaging

*Elevated Risk surcharge of 1750 + Fuel Surcharge +  GST   will apply when shipping to a destination country

(Afghanistan, Burundi,Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Syria,South Sudan,Sudan, Yemen)

where DHL is operating at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism.

*Restricted Destination surcharge of ₹2550+GST  apply for Non Document shipments when shipping to a destination country

 (Yemen, Central African Republic, Libya, Iran, D.P.R North Korea, Iraq, Somalia, Eritrea, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, 

  Cote d’Ivoire, South Sudan,Sudan, Syria)

that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council

* Data Entry charge of ₹425+ GST per shipment will be applicable for manual AWB preparation


For any further details on surcharges log on to Alternatively, you may call DHL Customer Service on 1 800 111 345 or contact your account manager