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    DHL is making some changes in Automation Software to bring more visibility on Kyc Part and actual shipper contact details to avoid export customs clearance issues which they are facing at present. Having said that we are not going to accept any Individual to Individual Non Dox and Medicine shipment till further notice.
    Commercial Shipments, Samples from company to company and Documents booking & will be accepted with present acceptance policies. Please bear with us & will update in a day or two.
    Till then please don’t book individual to individual Non Dox shipments.
  • New Zealand Import Prohibitions

    * Alcoholic beverages
    * Animal products
    * Biological Substance Cat B, UN3373
    * Clam/Tortoise/Turtle Shells
    * Ceramic products
    * Cotton seeds
    * Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (Intl. Air Transport Association)
    * Drugs, Prescription and Non-Prescription
    * Dry Ice
    * Eggs/Egg Product
    * Films: entertainment
    * Flammable Nightwear
    * Flick Knives
    * Foodstuffs
    * Fresh Fruit
    * Honey/Honeycombs/other bee products
    * Ivory
    * Log and Timber products from Liberia (wood-chips, piles, post, fence pickets, sheets, flooring, molding, pallet, tool handles, barrels, crates, tableware/kitchenware, shutters, blinds, cases/boxes/chests for jewelry and silverware, clothes hangers, clothes pins, toothpicks, etc.)
    * Medical samples
    * Medical/dental supplies & equipment
    * Military equipment
    * Perishables
    * Personal effects
    * Popcorn
    * Propolis
    * Reptile Skins (Shoes, Leather Goods, Finished/Unfinished textiles that are made with or have reptile skins attached)
    * Soil
    * Soil samples
    * Straw
    * Stuffed Animals
    * Tobacco
    * Whale bone
  • Australia Import Restrictions

    * Knives and daggers
    * Laser pointers 
    * Pencils and paintbrushes, Haz
    * Pornography and other objectionable material 
    * Woolpacks 
    * Ceramic ware, glazed 
    * Chewing tobacco and oral snuff 
    * Cosmetics, Haz
    * Dog collars, protrusion 
    * Erasers, novelty 
    * Fly swatters/mosquito bats, electronic 
    * Goods bearing an image of the Australian national flag and coat of arms 
    * Goods bearing an image of the Australian state or territory flags and coat of arms 
    * Incandescent lamps 
    * Goods that are subject to import controls include, but are not limited to, the following: Goods subject to censorship controls; goods, as identified by the United Nations, which are subject to trade restrictions; and goods that are regulated by the Consumer Affairs Division of the Department of Treasury.
    * All Meat Products
    * All Wood Products
    * Personal Effects are PROHIBITED. If goods are found to be mis-declared and/or importer claims Personal Effects status on arrival, they must be cleared using Broker Select Option (BSO) or be subjected to a clearance administrative fee of AU$99.
    * Paintball Guns and Paintball Ammunition
    * Health Supplements containing Hoodia, Yohimbe and DHEA
    The following items are prohibited when included in gift hampers sent to Australia:
    * Pine cones
    * Wooden ornaments manufactured from plant material
    * Fresh fruit
    * Item of meat origin or containing meat (all types, e.g., beef jerky, etc.)
    * Items containing egg or dairy
    * Items of plant origin (e.g., decorations made from vine material, wreaths, flowers, potpourri, etc.)
    * Unpopped popcorn
    * Nuts
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